About FAME'S
About FAME'S

Since 2008, FAME’S has been providing a comprehensive orchestral buyout recording package for film scores, TV shows, video games, classical music, music libraries, and pop music projects. Since then, the studio and its resident orchestra, FAME’S Studio Orchestra, have become a perfect and affordable solution for thousands of musical projects from all over the world.

FAME’S Studio is uniquely designed for orchestral sessions, with exceptional acoustics, modularity, an updated microphone park, and technical equipment that make it one of a kind in Europe for orchestral recording. Full-time access to our premises allows for unparalleled flexibility in scheduling sessions, as sessions can be booked for one hour or more at any time.

In addition to orchestral sessions, FAMES offers extra music services to composers and productions, including orchestration, music preparation, music editing, and mixing (2.0 / 5.1). Remote sessions are also standard in today’s recording industry, and we are pleased to offer all possible communication options for broadcast (Audiomovers & Source-connect) or communication with the orchestra, conductor, and control room (Zoom).

We take great pleasure in extending our warm welcome to production teams, offering them access to our facilities, including studios, offices, and a restaurant and bar. Additionally, we now provide new and comfortable accommodations for your stay. Should you require any assistance in selecting the finest hotels, arranging transportation to and from the airport, or seeking recommendations for the best places to visit while in town, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recording Sessions
Recording Sessions

• FAME’S provides a comprehensive and cost-effective orchestral buyout recording package for a variety of projects such as film scores, television shows, video games, classical music, music libraries, and pop music. With FAME’S Studio Orchestra, you can record your project at competitive pricing. If you require a STRING SECTION, SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, CHOIR, QUARTET or SOLO PIANO, please reach out to us for a free budget quote. We will promptly provide you with detailed budgets and available dates.

FAME’S Studio Orchestra is the resident group of the studio and composed of the finest players of North Macedonia and the Balkans region’s professional orchestras. Conducted by Oleg Kondratenko, accomplished violinist, professor & conductor & Sasho Tatarchevski, experienced conductor and choirmaster, the group has gained, over the years and thousands of recordings sessions, an extraordinary experience in every possible recording style and is able to deliver a great performance of your score in very short time.

Pro Ars Choir, which was founded in 2011 and is led by Sasho Tatarchevski, is a versatile ensemble comprising young, vocally educated members. The choir has been resident at FAME’s for several years and has participated in numerous motion pictures, TV programs, and music albums of all genres. The choir is able to accommodate a range of performance needs and can be composed in combinations of voices, from small ensembles to larger groups of up to 40 singers.

Recording sessions are organized per 60 minutes recording blocks, which allows composers and production teams to customize and optimize their sessions and budgets. You can choose from one to 6 hours blocks in the same day, depending on the project’s needs. When determining the session length, it’s crucial to consider two fundamental aspects of the project: the duration of the music and its level of complexity.

The studio’s sound team is permanent and able to work closely with your sound expectations. Whether we record the entire orchestra or separate groups through overdubs, you can enter the discussion at any time and request your preferred microphone set up and placement. After the recording session, the recordings will be delivered in Pro Tools format directly via Dropbox (cloud) or Myairbridge (downloadable link) within a few hours maximum. This allows you to continue working on the project immediately after the recording. If you prefer to use your own transfer protocol (such as GoAnywhere MFT or Signiant Media shuttle), please let us know, and we will proceed accordingly

Please find below a list of services that are included in FAMES recording session budgets:

• Free quotes for budgets and production preparation
• Access to the studio and technical equipment
• Sound team: sound recordist, pro tools operator, stage managers
• Pro tools preparation from your PT files or midi tempo maps/audio files
• Printing of scores/parts from A3 and A4 PDF formats
• Remote recording service that allows projects to be recorded from a distance without leaving your studio
• Fast delivery of recording material directly after each session via dropbox or myairbridge

Additional Available Services
Additional Available Services
• shooting crew / making of

We are thrilled to offer a camera crew for the creation of your behind-the-scenes content, as well as assistance with promoting it on social media platforms. Kindly inform us if you wish to incorporate this service into your project.
Please note that the budget varies based on the duration and quantity of cameras required.
Additionally, after the initial hour of video recording, a nominal surcharge will be applied, with the full amount going directly to each orchestra member.Upon request and on occasion, we can also arrange for concert attire, subject to an additional fee, which will be fully distributed to each orchestra participant.

• orchestration services — music preparation — copyists

If you require orchestration, music preparation, or copying assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to connect you with local and international experienced professionals with whom we have previously collaborated and who can meet your desired quality and budget requirements. The budget will be established directly between you and the orchestrator/copyist, based on a mutual agreement. Payments can be made either directly to the freelancer or through FAMES without any additional charges.

• consolidate your audio files / Logic exports

If you don’t use Pro Tools, don’t worry – we can arrange and send you consolidated files that can be easily imported into your preferred DAW (e.g., Logic, Cubase, etc.). Depending on the project size, the consolidated audio files can be delivered within a few hours or days following the session, organized in folders with playlist information. This enables you to seamlessly continue your work shortly after the recording. Please inform us in advance if you require this service, so we can prepare accordingly and provide you with a specific delivery timeline.

• editing

By default, we will always include the most recent approved take in a Pro Tools master playlist, ensuring that you receive a consolidated cue upon opening your Pro Tools files. Feel free to request playlists and take numbers during the session to facilitate your post-session editing.
Additionally, we are glad to arrange and deliver edited projects for your online validation with our Pro Tools operator after the session. Kindly inform us in advance if you require this service, so we can prepare accordingly and provide you with a specific delivery timeline.

• mixing

FAMES can connect you with mixers we have experience collaborating with, as well as offering in-house mixing services (2.0 and 5.1 – online and/or on-site). If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please inform us in advance. This will allow us to prepare the necessary arrangements and provide you with budget estimates, deadlines, and delivery details.

Remote & Shared Sessions
Remote & Shared Sessions

• Since its establishment in 2008, FAME’S has been successfully conducting remote recordings. Our online recording solution enables professionals to collaborate with our orchestra via the internet, providing a seamless experience for both small and large projects. The audio quality remains pristine, replicating the control room experience in your studio. An HD camera allows you to view the orchestra in action, while a direct talk-back connection with the conductor enables real-time communication of your interpretive instructions.

• Fames introduced shared sessions in 2009, and we are proud that this innovative service has become a standard offering for studios and orchestras worldwide. Due to the high volume of sessions we conduct each month, there’s no need to wait for shared session announcements via email. Simply request a 1-hour session at any time, and we will accommodate your needs with a suitable time slot.

Shared session duration: While we believe that a 1-hour session is the ideal minimum, we understand that some projects may require less time. If your project can be accommodated within a shorter time frame (30 minutes), we will gladly offer you an available slot.

Visit us: The most comfortable and effective way to record a project is by joining the team in the control room. Reach out to us, and we will assist you in planning your visit to Skopje. We can recommend the best hotels, arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel and studio, introduce you to the finest local restaurants, and of course, schedule meetings with our team and conductor to prepare for your recording project.

Studio & Equipment
Studio & Equipment